large_5866379258The truth is that we are a society of consumers. We judge everything by how it looks, feels, attracts, compares, and how it makes us feel about ourselves. Not only do we judge, but we use these connections to hold our own esteem to some degree. How would we ever think that this concept would change in our culture, or just in our minds, for a website design? Your website is often the first face-to-face with your potential new customer that you will have. Why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward? I am amazed how a lot of business owners could care less about their web design. They say things like, “We really just need to focus on sales right now” or “I don’t have time for my website, I’m trying to run my business” or worse, “I already have a website design my brother-in-law made on one of those template sites”. …Uhm, you might have more sales if your website wasn’t horrible.
In the digital age, if we want to find something we take out our phones and our needs are off to Google to find our gadget, gizmo, or service. We don’t have time to talk to someone on the phone or search a hundred different places to find product “X”. We use our friends and social media for that, in fact we’ve probably already heard about your product, if you have a great one, through our friends. Now comes the part that seals the deal or not… When I hit your company website I have just a few seconds for 3 things:

  1. Does the website look professional?
  2. Is my interest engaged enough to take a deeper look?
  3. Do I trust this company enough to spend money here?

According to a study by Derek Halpern, titled The “Content is King” Myth Debunked the impact that design has on trust is remarkable. Did you know that 94% of people polled cite design as a reason they won’t do business with someone? 94%!!! That number is staggering. If you think your site is fine, the one your brother-in-law made for you, think again. I will say this in my posts until I’m blue in the face, “Your business is not a DIY project,  it’s a legacy so protect it!”

Here is what people think about when they come to a great website:

  • How fast your website loads
  • How engaging is the color scheme
  • How the site is laid out
  • How they trust you

iStock_000024086772LargeTrust is the most important thing here. If they don’t trust you they will never buy from you.

Things that lead people to mistrust your website

  • Inappropriate name for the site
  • Complex layouts
  • Lack of good navigation
  • Boring design and use of color
  • Pop up ads
  • Slow on-boarding to the site: Splash pages, flash intros
  • Text: too small or too much
  • Too corporate
  • Poor search indexes

This goes back to my theory on your website design, it is like the first date with your customer. When you are going on a first date, as opposed to a 50th date, you dress nicer, you act charming, your debonair and chivalrous. You don’t show your potential mate that you really just like to lay around in your sweats all day and don’t do a lot of up-keep on your physicality as a lifestyle choice. No, you don’t show your flaws until that person is completely enamored with you. Then, when smitten, they don’t care if you have a few annoying faux pas. They are going to love you no matter what.

So when someone comes to your website and discovers you’re old and slow and your links are broken, they have a bad experience. They are going to think your product, however great it is, is also bad. Give your customers that first date experience every time and invest in your website design. Write good content, have engaging images, design a captivating website that leads them to convert, and thank them, even reward them, for being part of your company as a patron. Don’t be an ugly Betty, be the beauty everyone knows you are and can be. After all, the onlyTRUE difference is the packaging. And, when you invest in a great website, that great product you have will be shown in its best light. You might even get a kiss, I mean, sale out of it.

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photo credit: marsmet541 via photopin cc


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