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Marty really branded our nonprofit organization and we were and are still absolutely in love with our logo and branding!

Haleigh Haggerton Almquist

Owner, Newborn Care Training Academy

Martin designed my fabulous new logo. His creativity makes me look good. The turn around was quick and it is a delight to work with him.

Lynn Marie Cherry

Author, Lynn Marie

Marty’s Creativity has no off switch. You will not find a more passionate person about design or about life. He makes the people he is around strive to be better.

Matt Stewart

Art Director, Disney's Yellow Shoes Creative

Marty is a talented designer and quick on his feet. He loves to help clients succeed. You can count on him to get the job done both well and on time (or even early!). He is friendly, funny, and a hard worker. He also has a wealth of experience and has something to contribute about a wide range of topics ranging from game theory to business strategy. He is a great asset to have on your team.

Polly Thurston

Senior Designer, Mighty Citizen

Marty is one of the most gifted and talented individuals I know. The passion he displays for his work is clearly visible with every project he takes on. Marty’s attitude is top-notch and his drive for results is un-matched. Design is an art and science which Marty has a strong comprehension of. I gladly endorse Marty to anyone who needs quality design leadership.

Mike Gomez

End User Computing Specialist, VMware

Marty is a great guy – definitely one of the most personable people I know! He pays close attention to detail and his creativity is incredible. His designs are unique and cutting edge, but not over the edge. I would highly recommend Marty’s work, but more than that, working with Marty will bring an organization value because of the relationships he brings with the product development.

Marri Jayne Nielson

Sr Manager, Inside Sales, Websense

First off, Marty is just a great guy, creative and innovative. Marty can take a design concept and run with it or he has the ability to listen to you and come up with options based on your thoughts. Brilliant work. Marty will make sure the client is satisfied.

David Cherry

Director of Business Development, Clark Pro Media

Might as well call him the wonderful wizard of design. It is amazing to watch him work. Everything he does is truly magic. He designed my debut album artwork and I couldn’t be happier. It’s absolutely beautiful and I never get tired of admiring it. He has also whipped up show posters in less time than it takes for me to write a Facebook status. You will not be disappointed with his work. Professional and artful.

Karyna Micaela

Musician, Karyna Micaela

Marty was always a great asset to have on my project team. He’s very personable with clients and has a fantastic eye for the details. He’s extremely fast with production work and was always my go-to resource with quick turnaround projects. Personally, he was a fantastic teammate. He was always genuinely interested in what was going on with his team, and had everyone’s back.

Carly Hohl, PMP

VP of Client Services, Mighty Citizen

Marty is a talented designer who works quickly and efficiently with an appreciation of the importance of the end user experience. Marty produced beautiful work and demonstrated a clear understanding of client business needs. He is exceptionally dependable and could be trusted to deliver on his commitments. Marty brought not only expert level design skills but also a strong social component to the office. He built great relationships with both co-workers and clients. Marty’s enthusiasm brings people together. I strongly recommend Marty Merida. He would be a great asset to any company and an outstanding designer on any project.

Jason Reynolds

User Experience Leader, Consultant, and Educator, General Assembly

Marty is a creative design partner, a thoughtful team member, and an innovative problem solver.

He has broad expertise in the design field: from brand strategy, to print design, to digital design, allowing him to solve complex problems in surprising and delightful ways — all while keeping an eye on practical considerations like timeline and budget.

Marty always cares deeply about client and team success and delivers creative solutions that make a big, positive impact on your audience and on your bottom line.

Andrea Richeson

University of Texas

I've had the pleasure of working with Marty on two projects - 1) The design of new websites for the Texas Restaurant Association and its TRA Marketplace trade show and conference site. 2) A new logo for the Texas Library Association, correlating conference logo templates, and an accompanied brand guideline document to ensure proper usage of the designs. His creativity and knowledge were essential to the success of the projects. He helped translate concepts into outstanding visuals, and provided guidance to ensure that we remained on track to achieve project goals, within budget. Marty maintained open lines of communication throughout, and was always available to answer questions, and provide any additional information requested.

Wendy Woodland

Director of Advocacy & Communications, Texas Library Association

It's more than a logo. It's how the public sees us EVERY DAY! Arkansas State University-Newport is a two-year college in rural Arkansas located on a retired Army Air Base in Newport, AR. When we said we wanted our mascot to be "the AVIATORS", I knew that I had to contact Martin. I had hired him to work on a sports team logo several years ago, and I was confident he could help ASU-Newport soar as the Aviators! Martin took the time to listen to our vision for our school mascot, and he delivered in a big way! In two short days he had multiple options for our executive committee, and with only minor revisions, we settled on a logo that is the future of our college. Students, faculty, staff, and community members can't get enough of the Aviators swag, and we're creating more brand awareness than ever! As I said earlier, it's more than a's who we are at ASU-Newport! Go Aviators!

Jeremy Shirley

Director of Marketing and Communications, Arkansas State University-Newport

I had the pleasure of working with Martin at both Zynga and FastFan, and know him to be a talented designer with a strong creative vision. Our communications were greatly enhanced by his friendly and affable nature; that, and his clear and articulate style of presentation makes him an asset for any creative team, for both internal workings and external client interaction.

Stephanie Thompson

Project Manager, Zynga

I truly enjoyed working with Marty. He always brought the creativity to a new level. He was open to all suggestions but was the first to come up with clever solutions too! I am so honored to still call him a friend. I would work with him in a heartbeat!

Elizabeth Walker Phillips

MARCOM Manager, epicRealm

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