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As a Senior UX Designer and Functional Lead at Indeed, I have been instrumental in driving innovation, enhancing user experience, and streamlining design processes. My contributions have ranged from thought leadership to hands-on design, significantly impacting the company’s design system and user interface.


Thought Leadership

I authored and created the illustrations for three influential articles for, sharing insights and strategies that have shaped our approach to UX design, one of which never got published due to the layoffs at Indeed.

10 UX Tips From My Summertime Waterpark Adventure – The sun never goes down on these poolside UX lessons

I realized our local watering hole had recently optimized its experience. These changes brought some good UX tips to my attention, and I bet you can apply them to your work as well.

When Selecting the Best UX Icons, Context Is Essential – How to choose meaningful visual cues, aliases, and user strategies from your design system

Discussed best practices on pairing text with context and how to choose the right icon in a design system.

Why it might be time to create Heading and Text components in 2024

Highlighted the importance of integrating recommended line lengths for readability, correct color usage, and consistent heirarchy through semantic naming.

Icon and Component Design

I created 26 unique icons and 12 components for Indeed’s design system, complete with comprehensive design documentation. These assets have become foundational elements, ensuring consistency and enhancing the visual appeal across Indeed’s platforms.


Component work

including but not limited to:

  • Rich Text Editor
  • Smiley Rating
  • Icon
  • Avatar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Time Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Basic Table
  • Advanced Table

Each component is documented with detailed usage guidelines, accessibility considerations, and code snippets, empowering designers and developers to integrate them seamlessly. 

Scroll some component example images below

Video training

As part of design system support I created templates for and managed the training library which consisted of three types of training, Trainings (Hour +), Tutorials (15 mins or less), and Quick tips (Around a minute) Here are some examples below.

Efficiency Testing

Conducted rigorous efficiency testing for 20 designers and developers on the Indeed Design System, revealing a 5x multiplier in both speed and quality of design and development processes for those using the system versus not using it. This significant improvement underscores the system’s effectiveness in streamlining workflows and enhancing output quality.

Global Initiatives

One Design Initiative
Led a global initiative to test products when using the design system, versus not using it. This testing resulted in a 4% increase in conversion rates for teams adopting the Indeed Design System. This success underscores the tangible benefits of a unified design approach.

Design System Office Hours
Established regular office hours, creating a collaborative round table environment. These sessions allowed users to discuss complex challenges and receive tailored guidance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and support.

Design System Advocates Program
Launched and managed a program that achieved a remarkable 98% adoption rate of the Indeed Design System. This program empowered team members across AMER, APAC, and EMEA regions to become champions of the design system, driving widespread acceptance and utilization. The remaining 2% were native or internal platforms teams that we couldn’t support due to technology stacks.

Design System Guided Support Program
Implemented a one-on-one support program to assist users with specific issues, best practice training, and design system integrations ensuring personalized and effective solutions for their product team.

Cross-functional Onboarding with UX Operations
Developed an onboarding process in collaboration with UX Operations, ensuring new UX hires had the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles at Indeed.

Configurable Core
Developed a guided support initiative and workshop in collaboration with cross GM product teams to align on experiences that have similar UI to create a seamless experience for Indeed users. Included a workshop that identified top uses within the products, card sorting to determine groupings and levels of importance, and recommendations for alignment utilizing design system elements.

Configurable Core examples

Created Proposals for Future Work

UX Community Forum

  • Proposed the creation of a forum to track and measure solutions and their contributors, fostering a collaborative and transparent environment for UX innovation.

Content Types Component Integration

  • Suggested integrating consistent nomenclature across teams to standardize content types, enhancing coherence and efficiency.

Federated Model for Design System Contributions

  • Advocated for a federated model to facilitate contributions back to the Indeed Design System, encouraging a more inclusive and participatory approach to design system evolution.


My tenure at Indeed has been marked by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Through thought leadership, strategic design initiatives, and robust support programs, I have significantly contributed to the growth and efficiency of Indeed’s design system, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience for millions of job seekers and employers worldwide.

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