Chasca Logo

This is the newly designed logo for Austin glam-rock band, Chasca. Chasca is a hard-edged, glammed-out alternative rock with a healthy dose of Rocky Horror dramatics and devil-horned power chords! They are the ones your parents warned you about.

Chasca is a five-piece rock band based in San Marcos, Texas who emerged from The Bubble Studio in Austin, Texas, in late 2014 having put the finishing touches on the follow-up to their debut EP ‘Bedtime For Bedlamites.’ ‘Barbarians’ was released in June 2015.

This new logo marks the return of the band to the touring scene and marks the last night they will play at the Blackheart, as they are the last band to play the Austin staple before it closes its doors forever. The new mark helps to give more of a glam rock vibe to the stylings of the devilish rock band and hopes to carry it into its next season of Rock that will melt your face off.

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