4:13 Fitness

4:13 Fitness Branding Guidelines PDF

4:13 Branding Guidelines

4:13 FITNESS Strategy PDF

4:13 FITNESS Strategy

The first gym in Austin using boxing to help seniors and people with Parkinson’s

They believe all things are possible, and with that mindset, they encourage and empower people of all ages and fitness levels to fight and take back what disease and age have stolen from them. They have a community of fighters, cornermen, and coaches that will welcome you into the ring with pride at their three locations in Central Texas that serve the Austin metro area.

Having said that, they started out as a part of Rocksteady Boxing and quickly realized there was a niche market for helping out those with Parkinson’s disease and moved to a space they defined as their own. So they needed to cut ties from that business to create something new. They needed branding and ads for a marketing push. MMD was pivotal in providing their strategy and positioning documentation, logo, color palette, Google ad campaign, and a branding guidelines document to help enforce the new branding the entity was creating.

4:13 FITNESS Google Remarketing Ads

4:13 Logo Variants


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