Iowa Techniques

These guys are the unique products people. Matt Kool has become the king of drycleaning equipment. If someone has a problem with something they need to do in their dry clean store, Matt Kool has created a device, system or piece of machinery to deal with the problems and time drains of the dry clean industry. He is truly a pioneer and I was able to help him develop some marketing pieces that helped to convey that idea of being unique, of finding a unique solution to any given problem. I created a new logo, website and marketing materials for his business. These are just a sample of the pieces I created for him.

Its hard to tell from a simple image, but these cards are killer. The back has an aqueous coating just on the UN and UE of unique. When they shimmer in the sun the whole piece spells unique. If you don’t see the shimmer it just shows the IQ mark from their logo embed. The cards had to be clever. You can’t claim to be the most unique products people and not be unique with your cards too. This one did the trick!

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